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Bitrock is an IBFT 2.0 Proof of Authority (PoA) Ethereum side chain with near-zero native gas fees and lightning speed block times.

Bridge to Bitrock Bitrock Blockchain

Mainnet Transactions

total on-chain transactions to date and counting.

Wallet Addresses

unique wallet addresses generated on-chain to date, and growing by the day.

Total Value Locked

Current TVL on Rockswap (official DEX) is $ as aggregated by DefiLlama.

Bitrock Price

Bitrock's average market price at present is $ per token.

Bitrock Blockchain

About Bitrock

Stealth launched in July of 2023 as a PoA Ethereum side chain with a fully circulating supply, Bitrock boasts an ultra-low cost trading experience coupled with a 1 second block time. Offering the attractive combination of high accessibility, a vibrant ecosystem (including a stable coin & token builder), a robust & secure infrastructure, and numerous key integrations & listings, Bitrock has little to no barriers to entry - positioning it as a favored choice for hosting any type of project or launch.

Bitrock's native official DEX, Rockswap, will soon support transactions across 10+ chains, with cross-chain integration in its final stages. Upon completion, cryptocurrencies may be traded between other native chains and the Bitrock chain without the need to use DEXs native to those chains, hold native chain tokens, or pay gas fees in those native tokens. All gas would be equalized and paid in native Bitrock.

Bitrock is available in the below markets

Why Bitrock?

Bitrock Blockchain

EVM Compatible

Bitrock is a layer-2 EVM side chain that supports all EVM applications & Bytecodes.

Bitrock Blockchain
Bitrock Blockchain

Near-zero Gas Fees

For any native Bitrock transaction, gas fees are negligible (~$0.00001).

Bitrock Blockchain
Bitrock Blockchain

Fast, Secure, & Scalable

Bitrock is built for scalability (~ 12,000 TPS), security, and speed (1 second block time).

Bitrock Blockchain
Bitrock Blockchain

Chain Information

The Bitrock network is live and can be configured as a custom chain across most decentralized wallets. Bitrock supports all EVM deployments & tools such as Metamask, Truffle, and Ethereum Bytecodes.

Network Name Bitrock Mainnet
Chain ID 7171
Bridge Bitrock Bridge
Connect Chainlist
Network Name Bitrock Testnet
Chain ID 7771
Symbol BROCK
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Bitrock is proud to be working with and supported by the below partners

Bitrock Blockchain

Project Roadmap

Phase 1

  • Building project team
  • Team member role assignment
  • Bitrock socials setup
  • Testnet development

Phase 2

  • Testnet explorer development
  • Faucet Development
  • Testnet release
  • Launch preparation
  • Website launch
  • Socials live

Phase 3

  • Bitrock launch on ETH chain
  • Staking launch
  • Community building
  • Marketing campaign 1
  • Public testnet testing

Phase 4

  • Chain and contract audit
  • Mainnet release
  • Twitter space and Telegram AMAs
  • CMC/CG listings
  • 1 second block time upgrade
  • NFT marketplace (Wrapped Platform)
  • CoinGecko chain integration
  • First projects launch on Bitrock chain

Phase 5

  • Explorer upgrades
  • Brock bridge
  • Stable coin launch (USDB)
  • Thread contests/hackathons
  • Bitrock business incorporation
  • Multichain DEX release
  • Marketing campaign 2
  • Mainnet integration with various exchanges and platforms

Phase 6

  • CMC integration
  • Tier 1 & 2 CEX listings
  • Rockswap V2
  • Press releases
  • Marketing articles published on major platforms
  • Partnerships with marketing agency
  • Bitrock chain support for doxxed projects
  • More to be announced
Bitrock Blockchain

USDB Stable Coin

USDBrock (USDB) is the Bitrock chain's first stable coin, bridged 1 to 1 from and to ERC-20 USDT. USDB and its bridge were developed in partnership with Wanchain, and is meant to serve as the chain's first cryptocurrency equivalent of the U.S dollar.